New! Geography first for selecting data in our ‘InFuse’ Census data access tool for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Our Census Support Technical Manager, Rob Dymond-Green updates us on a new facility in our InFuse Census data access tool; now you can select geography first!

We’ve recently released a new version of our InFuse Census data access tool we did this in response to user support queries and analysing the results of our ‘pop-up survey’, where our users were telling us that the way that InFuse works was setting them up with an expectation that they could get data for all the areas they selected in the the InFuse wizard.

When InFuse was originally created we only had 2001 census data from England and Wales where, for the majority of the time the topics covered¬†were for both countries, so we didn’t think we would needed to filter the geography selection by country, we did anticipate that the data may not be available for all of the geography layers (a layer being a collection of areas such as Local Authorities or output areas) in the system, so InFuse does filter these.

But for the 2011 Census and we have data from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales in the system and this assumption that data coverage is universal was proven wrong. To address this issue, we decided to reverse how a user selects data in the InFuse wizard, the new interface allows the user to select the geography they want first, then filters the Topics based on the selected geography layer and the countries selected.

So, we now have 2 ways to get the data you need, the original topics first version and our new second, geography first version.

We would love to know how you get on with the new geography first wizard, there is a feedback link on the wizard for your thoughts or ideas for any enhancements you may have! Please comment or contact Rob.

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