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We’re about to embark on developing a new service, at present we’re calling it Integrated Data Access or IDA until we come up with something better. This service will bring together some of the different types of data produced by the census (aggregate statistics, flow data and boundary data), we’ll be initially concentrating on aggregate statistics and boundary data.

We’ve been analysing your user queries and also the pop up survey to help us come up with an initial set of requirements for IDA. However this source of information is potentially a bit skewed, as you tend to contact us via support queries when there is a problem and the wording on the popup survey invited you to comment if you were not satisfied with the service.

But we know from the times when we talk to you, that you have lots of good ideas on ways our services could be improved, so we have added feedback forms onto our services, we’d like to hear about the good things, but also the bad as this will help us form a more rounded picture.

So please add your feedback, at the end of March and April 2017, if you leave your email address and consent to be contacted we’ll enter you into a draw to win £20 in Amazon vouchers.

So here are our services

InFuse is a free service providing easy access to aggregate data from the UK 2011 and England and Wales 2001 censuses

Casweb provides access to UK census aggregate data, we provide access to England, Wales, and Scotland 2001, 1991, 1981, 1971 data and 2001 and 1991 Northern Ireland data.

GeoConvert is a tool that makes it easy to match UK postcodes, census geographies and convert data between them.


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