Open-Source Development is Great, and Here’s Why

If you haven’t heard the term “open-source”, it’s a method of software development that keeps everything out in the open and encourages collaboration between developers. Many businesses and governments around the world are embracing open source development projects, so it’s important for everyone else to follow suit. Other than the community engagement surrounding open-source development, there are several benefits to companies who take part in the practice.

The Quality of Many

The phrase “too many chefs in the kitchen” doesn’t always apply in software development. Programming can be complicated and confusing at times, so having lots of developers looking over the code and discussing how best to approach a problem is, more often than not, a good thing! It’s easy to slip up sometimes, and even automated testing suits miss errors every now and again. So having another set of eyes helps out!


Linux is probably the most used open-source project ever created. Although Linux based systems only hold a marginal market share on the consumer market, they reign king when it comes to the server side of the market. And because of this, the majority of applications running on Linux are open-source themselves, meaning a greater flexibility and interaction between the programs.

Cost Cutting

Microsoft create some incredible products. However licenses for those products can reach into the thousands every month! Not to mention things like virus protection, support charges, and ongoing upgrade expenses. Proprietary software is expensive, so switching to an open-source based model can save companies a big chunk of the budget.


As previously mentioned, open-source software development has a strong and vocal community behind it. Services like GitHub have allowed developers from all around the world to collaborate and help each other produce exception software, without the need for costly project management processes. The ability to share ideas across borders is unparalleled, and many in the open-source community are pushing to extend this practice to other professions such as health care and social services.

These are just a handful of reasons why using and building Open-Source software can be a huge benefit to everyone involved. Here at UK Data Service we’re committed to contributing to open-source project to help them benefit more developers, where ever they may be.

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