Mapping Crime Data for Greater Manchester

Last week we had a bit of fun in our team, by picking some data we were interested in and then mapping it.

Map showing Manchester City Center Crime

I picked Crime data, as the police release monthly Crime stats that are anonymised to middle of streets and have had the personal details removed.

I extracted data from June 2017 to May 2018 fromĀ

I then appended the monthly files together to create a single file and then grouped on the Lat/Long and the Type of Crime, producing a count of the type of crimes at that location.

I then uploaded the data to

Then changed the data to change the size of the circles to be the count of the type of crime and to help distinguish between the types of crimes if there were more than one type reported for that location, I used the count filed to set a altitude for the point.

This produced nice cones of data to explore. I saved the Kepler configuration files, so you can load the data and explore it.

If you copy the web link you can paste it into the Browse file text field and it will load directly. Alternatively you’ll need to download the file and then upload it.



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