DKAN and R

We’re always keen to find alternative ways for our users to access and use our data. In evaluating DKAN as our new data delivery service, we discovered that it has a API, which allows other systems to find out about … Read More

Start page of the surveys data skills module
Data Skills Module

We have put together three introductory modules concerning key aspects of survey, longitudinal and aggregate data. The modules give an introduction to key aspects of the data using short instructional videos, interactive quizzes and activities using open access software where … Read More

Looking down on people
Shaping the 2021 UK Census

The Office for National StatisticsĀ (ONS) have been recently doing work on question design and gauging the effect of asking questions on topics such as Gender identity, Sexual orientation and Armed forces community. These questions are new following feedback from an … Read More

Open-Source Development is Great, and Here’s Why

If you haven’t heard the term “open-source”, it’s a method of software development that keeps everything out in the open and encourages collaboration between developers. Many businesses and governments around the world are embracing open source development projects, so it’s … Read More

Calculating Townsend scores: An introduction

Amy Bonsall one of our interns talks about what deprivation is and how it could be calculated. As a student at the University of Manchester studying criminology I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work on a project … Read More

Clear communication is difficult

Clear communication is difficult, especially in teams with remote members. Even in small groups, communications can become cluttered and unmanageable when using email. Sending a simple message to a group of people can tricky and complicated. Our team faced these … Read More