Facets and Taxonomies

As we have been adding datasets and resources to our DKAN application, we have discovered that the default searching and filtering that is provided does not give adequate control over the data. After all, the census is a huge collection … Read More

New interface features – some considerations

We’re always interested in improving our interfaces, and interfaces should adapt and improve over time. As we learn more about what our users need, we fine tune them to their needs. We were recently discussing what we should consider when … Read More

Learning to create web components in ReactJS

Recently I was lucky enough to attend a training course in ReactJS programming. This was part of the Statistical Information Systems Collaboration Community (SIS-CC) workshop run by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris, April 3rd – 7th … Read More

Mining data from Impact Case Studies in HEFCE’s REF2014 database

We wanted to grab some data from HEFCE’s API of Impact Case Studies submitted to the REF2014 to find out how many UK Data Service data collections were used in Impact Case Studies in REF2014 – and the case studies they were used in. John Matthews, software engineer in the census support team talks us through the process:… Read More

Visualising Data From API Calls

The international data service provides uniform access to economic and social data from major data providers, e.g. IMF, OECD, World Bank, IEA, UNIDO and UNESCO via the UKDS.Stat platform, read about how we are using APIs to visualise the data… Read More

We want to know what you think about our services

We’re about to embark on developing a new service, at present we’re calling it Integrated Data Access or IDA until we come up with something better. This service will bring together some of the different types of data produced by … Read More


We are a group of data specialists, developers, visualisers, analysts, data impact specialists and communicators at the UK Data Service who want to offer a multi-disciplinary data and technology focal point for the integration of the best emergent digital innovation. … Read More